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ID 146851


CEO of Kinesis. Front End developer & User Interface designer. Hacking from 5yrs with Bachelors in Computers.

ID 160755

Suresh Saggar

Worked at @netapp, @yahoo • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 80595


Co-founder at gazeMetrix. Tech handyman. Computer Vision, devops, C++, Python

ID 35891

Gaurav Sharma

Co-Founder and Engineer

ID 227145

Dipesh Garg

Growth Hacker @touchtalent • CTO at @booking-station

ID 332392

Paresh Goel

Awesome Android Apps developer Current: Android Developer at MAZ (startup in digital publishing) Past: Worked in InDesign Team at Adobe

ID 178355

Mayur Rustagi

I understand DATA

ID 80909

Nikhil Wason

Changing how people use credit and debit cards @cardback • Delhi Alumni Club Leader @columbia-university • Organize @startupweekend sometimes • Worked at @adobe-systems

ID 150963

Payal Gupta

Co-Founder Kinesis Technologies

ID 18833

Siddharth Singhal

Founder @indriyaan, @jal • Worked at @gemalto, @national-informatics-centre • Studied at @singularity-university, @delhi-college-of-engineering

ID 157518

Sparsh Gupta


CTO at @wingify. Artificial Intelligence, Scalability, Performance and Usability background. @oxford-university MS Computer Science 2008

ID 316744

Saurabh Nangia

Founder TargetingMantra. Strong tech background. Machine Learning and Big Data enthusiast. MS at UIUC and BTech at IIT Guwahati. Worked at Amazon.

ID 35540

Pankaj Jain


Venture Partner at @500startups, Country Coordinator @startup-weekend India

ID 202577


Working at @gazemetrix-1, UI developer, Ex- @nivio

ID 228311

Vikash Agrawal

HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Python, Responsive web design, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012, under Mozilla MDN, FOSS!

ID 137058

Omar Siddiqui

Founder, CEO at grabHalo a messaging app that lets you see and message people all over the world

ID 9660

Aditya Sahay

Co-founder @seat-14a. Previously worked @oracle-india-pvt-ltd, and co-founded Radbox and Subtle Disruption.

ID 169512

Kamaljeet Singh

Founder @second-light • Worked at @headstrong • Studied at @nit-jalandhar

ID 133835

Supreet Sethi

Technologist at GuideAdvisor. Media Graduate from SOAS (London); Full Stack developer; DevOps. Been part of 2 successful startups. Worked at Yahoo!.

ID 284384

Owais Lone

ID 233636

Jai Pandya

Full stack web engineer with special affinity for beautiful interfaces. Front end junkie, mobile lover. Launched a successful mobile and facebook app.

ID 69563

Divick Kishore

Co-Founder, iWish App, Collaborative Social Gifting Founder & Architect, GreenLoader Personal Cloud Co-Architect, Nexla Fuse, Audio Video Telephony Platform

ID 51101

Soum Paul

Co-founder Ingrapher. Past: Founder at Farinto and founding member / tech at, Mixercast. Worked at EFI. IIT Kanpur. Part-time writer / filmmaker.

ID 467540

Sagar Rana

Founder @gigstime , @wlinkster, • Studied at @bachelor-of-engineering-information-technology

ID 82429

Abhishek Bailoo Singh

Product Lead and Founder, Simmortel and @yumphone-com VLSI Design Engineer, @st-microelectronics Bachelors EE, IIT Kanpur

ID 44859

Rohan Dey


Web Developer, Ruby on Rails , front-end ninja built complex front end pages with backbone.js and ember.js

ID 269339

Ankur Saxena

Full stack Developer at TheFingo, Ex-Zomato. Traveller, keen interest in self-sustainable systems.

ID 201402

Gaurav Gat

Founder at HuntShire- A platform for facilitating recruitment through virtual walk-ins Previously worked at @cognizant Technology Solutions.

ID 37908

Harshil Parikh

Founder @tuvalabs. 3rd startup, first as founder. UIUC Physics'07. Educator & self-taught programmer.

ID 49806

Raj K Arora

Founder @athlatinum, @sponsorlytics • Studied at @northeastern-university, @WIT. Tech Intensive, Commonsensical Product Development Expertise.

ID 152704

Kapil Agarwal

Computer Science, IIT Roorkee, 2014; Software Developer; Web Developer; Worked at Amazon

ID 101409

Nishchal Kesarwani

Founder @preseed • Studied at @university-of-delhi

ID 96413

Vishal Chandra

Bootstrapped my first startup straight out of college in 2003 in high-tech (wireless HW) domain and have closely worked with/mentored many other entrepreneurs.

ID 158943

Sahil Kumar

Full stack engineer. Has built products with over 55M users. Product Manager in the making.

ID 163211

Saurabh Goel


Co Founder Startuptoday

ID 90481

Nidhi Gurnani

Signature Card @cardback | Technology | Books | Design | Chocolates

ID 343260

Vikram Tiwari

MEAN Stack Developer @silverpush | Lead @google Developers Group, Allahabad | FOSS Enthusiast | Supports ANON | Fanatic ReTweeter | SleepLover :P

ID 390482

Divya Prakash 


Co-Founder AppFusion Technologies Pvt Ltd

ID 93496

Avnish Gaur

Final year at IIT D, Web Developer, Co-founder AskMePrice, Digital Media Zone '12 Alumni

ID 286978

Deepansh Jain

Co-Founder of Signals. Experienced app developer,Strong programming skills. Hacker.NSIT CompSc.

ID 247543

Amit Sethi

USIT , New Delhi , Bachelors in Computer Science, Foss , gsoc, python , scientific computing , telephony

ID 280532

Arpit Bansal

Engineer at LinkedIn; Tech Enthusiast, Loves Coding and a Social Maniac. Worked with Slideshare Inc. and Onmobile in past. #RubyOnRails ... Details here

ID 148826

Praveen Yadav


future entrepreneur working at @framebench as a web Developer :)

ID 311165

shuvendu pattananayak

Zend and Magento Guru. With EXT JS Experice.

ID 80326

Nitin Gurbani

Android Developer ,

ID 348435

Badarudheen K.T.

Co-Founder @tao • Worked at @microsoft • Entrepreneur • @ruby on Rails • @angularjs • Passionate about Organization Building

ID 128012

Varun Gupta

Algorithm Geek, Hacker, Amateur Economist, Bicyclist, Aspiring Photographer, Traveller, History fan!

ID 166579

Raveesh Bhalla

Fan of all things simple, loves the challenge of improving any given user interface, then building it out

ID 93276

Sahil Gupta

IIT Ropar Comp. Sci graduate + tech freak + information junkie + Python fan!

ID 347354

Shirsendu "Troy" Karmakar

Worked at @linkedin, @slideshare

ID 314235

Deepak Aggarwal

Full stack developer, Mobile Apps

ID 505728

Anmol Maini

ID 196090

Ajay Mishra

Worked at @iimjobs @monster

ID 269020

Gulshan Kumar

LifeHacker, Worked at @credit-suisse, @connect-nit • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-trichy

ID 115571

Nalin Savara

Entrepreneur 1.2 million installs on @nokia Store; Apps on @apple (itunes) Appstore; Samsung Appstore,Android @nokia Calling All Innovators Contest,2011,Winner

ID 219456

Ankit Mittal

#python #django #moodle #GSOC

ID 138694

Amit Kumar

Entrepreneur. NodeJS, PHP and RoR dev. Avionics Engg.

ID 360079

Pranav Prakash

ID 364285

Rajni Kant Sinha

Technology Lover. 1st Venture, a Transport Company in 2004 then Canteen Services in 2008 and Finally a Web Dev Firm in 2010. Co Founded Shoptosurprise in 2013.

ID 357135


CEO of @info-assembly , strong quant & financial background at PIMCO (California). IIT Delhi Electronics and AI Major, 2011 & Reserve Bank of India Scholar,2009

ID 347242

Ningning Niumai

Founder Greymeter. B.Tech at IIT Delhi. Freelancer at Designed and developed over 50 websites single handedly over the past 5 years.

ID 165812

Prasenjit Singh

Founder-CEO of @firstquarto, Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi, Loves @python , Passionate about the power of startups

ID 191239

Vishwa Pratap Singh

Developer @sagoon-2. 8+ years of experience in PHP,JavaScript, AJAX & white-box testing. Specialist in open source development. MCA

ID 286546

Shashank Singla

Setting up development house in India,Founded Yantrr Electronics System out of college, Worked at Goldman Sachs, RBS. Electrical Engineer, IITD 2010

ID 372977

Varun Verma

Worked at @mobikwik. Founder at one of india's largest engineering students website. Startups and Technology enthusiast.

ID 127651

Dhiraj Bajaj

Tech Guy, Loves Ruby on Rails, made, past Backend ROR dev @

ID 298426


Software Engineer with background in Graphics driver development(OpenGL, DirectX , GPU programming, C++) and a passion to work on futuristic technology.

ID 136400

Sushant Taneja

Ninja Monk @storemonk | Fellow at Startup Leadership Program | Worked for Sun and @apple | Knowledge Junkie | In love with Science and Technology

ID 22533

Shashank Singh

Founder of @majikal and Bawaal Labs. Strong software background and @stern-school-of-business MBA 2012

ID 291226

Sai Teja Reddy

Graduate from IIT Delhi; Passionate programmer; Web Development freak;

ID 218087


Director @early-stage-startup • Founded @opkar • Worked at @sap • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 240470

Rudraksh MK

Startup advisor, mentor and co-founder. Worked at @hindustan-times + @cvent + @ibm • Studied at @jawaharlal-nehru-university, @ansal-institute-of-technology-gurgaon

ID 115070

Akshay Lal

Techie with 20+ years in Technology, International BD. Founder @costeria, @artliving, @acredge

ID 446162

Raunaq Gupta

Carnegie Mellon - MHCI, Interaction Design, Web Stack Generalist, Co-Founder of

ID 439441

Evan Luthra

18 year old Entrepreneur and Mobile Developer with over 1,000,000 users of my apps on iOS and Android. 100,000+ Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

ID 432774

Sagar Patidar

Programmer | Dreamer | Passionate about startup | Music Lover

ID 355962

Aniket Handa

HCI student at U of Washington. Strong Computer Science fundamentals (Masters, Bachelors in CS). Researched on new methods to create 3D models using NUI

ID 470544

Ashish Singh


ID 446140

Prekshi Gupta

Worked at @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch, @glaxosmithkline-consumer-healthcare • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @indira-gandhi-institute-of-technology

ID 248508

Mohammad Mohsin

Tech Head/CTO @surgerica, Worked with startups like @mghworld ,, Extensive experience with startups, leading tech and product teams

ID 197820

Arunim Samat

Algorithm dreamer, studied computer science @indian Institute of Technology - Delhi. Worked at @cisco Systems, TU Wien, INRIA,

ID 77435

hari om

Founder at @nothing-else-matterz • CEO at @thewittyshit • Focusing crowdsourcing for solving problems

ID 98475

Balaji Ashok

UX/UI Designer; Front-end web application developer; Young India Fellow

ID 449963

Dushyant Bansal

iOS developer, Windows Phone developer, Currently working at Directi on, IIT Delhi CS. More at

ID 208366

Harshit Malhotra

I was born artist, and with same hands on my compoo (PC), I can code my imagination. My favorite language is a variable. I love iterative programming.

ID 237099

Pathan Salman Khan

Graduate from CSE, IITB. Active programmer in Codeforces, TopCoder and Hackerrank and other platforms.

ID 212658

Sravan Reddy

BE @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi-1. Built Instamovi. Loves to automate all that's repetitive. Into machine learning, AI & Startups

ID 121081

Neeraj Gupta

Software Developer @directi Delhi University Graduate of Engineering

ID 255867

Arpit Singhal

Worked at @tower-research-capital-llc • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 167807

Rohit Jangid

Studied at @netaji-subhas-institute-of-technology

ID 320542

Ram Agrawal

ID 176827

Amit Gupta

Worked at @inria, @rice-university-1 • Studied at @iit-bombay, @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 280557


IIT Delhi B.Tech, Java Developer

ID 362490

Amit Gupta

Android Application Developer

ID 215669

Somesh Mukherjee

PHP Guru. Initial Startup experience. Use Zend Framework, jquery and sass for projects

ID 465483

Shubhamoy Chakrabarty

Open Source Evangelist | Love to Experiment | Team Player | Believe in Innovating

ID 79321

Rahul Malik

CEO at Strong engineering background. MS from IIT,Chicago and BTECH from GGSIPU, Delhi. Worked at AMD and Philips.

ID 300545

Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Strong experience in working with product startups, building high performance and scalable internet products along with focus on process and people.

ID 273190

Anuj Arora

Founder, CTO @skybulls

ID 393209

Kirpal Singh

ID 54909

Gaurav Mishra

ID 212170

Mayank Gureja

BSc. in Computer Engineering at Drexel; Worked at SAP, Siemens Medical Solutions; Strong management and leadership skills;

ID 164297

Jacob Jay

Founder and developer of @moonstalk (webapp framework), Moonlighting (Delhi startup mansion); previously PictureSync, Pixelpipe; ex. marcomms in London.

ID 210456

Nitin Nain

Over 7 yrs experience in Python/C++ development and MBA from SDA Bocconi Milan.

ID 284763


Java developer with 8 years of experience

ID 483575

Ankur Aggarwal

Int. Msc. student at IIT Kharagpur; Worked at InnovAccer and IFCI ltd.

ID 326308

Srikant Aggarwal

Senior Software Engineer at Guavus. Worked at Aristocrat, Samsung, Verizon. Ranked 79 in Codechef. Freelancer & Top 10% algorithm coders at oDesk.

ID 485698

Sakshi Jain

Software engineer and team lead. Handling a team of 6 people for development of a web application(platform for supply chain finance management)

ID 429282

Dipankar Patro

Computer Science graduate. Proficient Python and C programmer. Backend design and development.

ID 448821

Abhinav Jindal

E&ECE Final year undergrad, IIT Kharagpur; Laborious, Responsible, Process oriented; Enthusiastic towards applying resources at hand to solve real life problems

ID 357812

piyush gururani


Worked at @emo2, @shopsense

ID 237157

Neetesh Gupta

Co-Founder Wallet Circle, Application Developer, Previously started Snappy and Mart-AGain, Worked at Cisco, Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur

ID 184712

Raveesh Bhalla

Founder at, Manager of Delhi Android User Group

ID 495165

Ashish Kumar

Founder @neighbourhood-watch • Studied at @netaji-subhas-institute-of-technology

ID 177805

Abhay Jain

Worked at @grexit, @octro-inc-noida • Studied at @netaji-subhas-institute-of-technology

ID 386440

Parambir Singh

Experienced front-end and server-side developer with 8 years of professional experience. Worked with @adobe, Clickable & @ibm. Studied @NSIT

ID 325289

Pankaj Nirwan

Working at @mentors-guild | Strong Startup Experience | Full Java and LAMP stack | NIT Durgapur BE 2006

ID 450703

Jayesh Lata

Worked at @linkmysport • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 163533

Jeetu Pal

Co-founder KOHAPP , worked , engineer ( NSIT ) , interested in mobile app development.

ID 368617

Deepak Dubey


ID 473840

Abhishek kumar

Founder, @the-skillers-2 Computer- Science graduate from Birla Institute of Technology; Worked at IBIBO web pvt ltd (MIH nasper group), Have strong engineering back-ground. 1st software startup-

ID 472307

Apoorva Srinivasan

intelligent and fast learner

ID 265143

Saroj K Mishra

ID 237017

Deepak Rawat

Founder @weird-logics-canada, • Studied at @delhi-college-of-engineering

ID 207946

Akshit Khurana

IIT Roorkee CS, GSoC, NetApp, Microsoft.

ID 91616

Sushant Khurana

Senior Product Manager at Capillary. Curious about start-ups, algorithms, social networks, architecture, analytics, real estate and music.

ID 202741

Abhishek Biswal

Web Developer / Designer / Creator / Doer

ID 198202

Lalit Khattar

Pre-final year student at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee; active member of a programmers group in campus; back-end developer; successfully launched a mobile and web app.

ID 4294

Arun Gupta

UI designer & Developer with over 10 years of experience

ID 371953

Abhishek Jain

Software Engineer, Startupreneur, Founder,Geek Initus Founder, @medsouk-1

ID 169945

Jatin Shridhar

CS undergrad

ID 472739

Anjneya Varshney

Birla Institute of Technology Graduate, worked at Samsung, Worked on Mobile Applications.

ID 502300

Ajay Grover

ID 259641

Naveen Singhal

Good at Numbers.

ID 49538

Akshay Tyagi

Founded @fgrape and IRIS Media, while in college. Then quit college.

ID 504493

Avinash Modi

IIT Roorkee CS

ID 287754

Piyush Gupta

Co-founder Surgerica. Tech, NIT Duragpur

ID 166942

Shashank Narayan

I am Computer Science Major from Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra , Have worked on Search engine , text analysis . Please check for more detail

ID 122385

Maneesh Thareja

Project Lead@Sagoon. 9 years Agile Project Management,Built clustering algo, e-Commerce apps@ raised $4 million.Lead engineer.Coding from age 12.

ID 310547


NSIT-COE '12, Software engineer at Atrenta.

ID 236230

Amit Solanki

ID 465723

Akshay Katyal

Mozilla Representative, Open Source contributor, Web Paraclete.

ID 171067

Himanshu Singh

Software developer @linkedin ;

ID 468240

Krishna Teja B N V

BITS-Pilani, IS, wealthy startup experience

ID 466382

Anshul Goel

ID 383939


I believe a person deserves atleast a chance to be heard, the rest is his passion and work that speaks.

ID 442701

Anmol Gupta

Launched An android app for NIC(National Informatics Center, India)

ID 471960

Vipul Meehnia

Co-founder @Firehorse • Co-founder @SeeQR • Worked at @nucleus-software-ltd • Studied at @delhi-college-of-engineering

ID 248269

Hemant Parmar

Founder Kohapp • Worked at @sapient

ID 126518

Anish Bhatia

Founder @chattly • Worked at @laurus-infosystems, @national-institute-of-electronics-and-information-technology-india • Studied at @christ-university-bangalore

ID 359898

Sandeep Negi

iOS Developer at NetProphets Global Cyberworks

ID 494905

Imran Mir

Around 5 years experience in Groovy and Grails

ID 167067

Mohit Singh

Computer Science B.Tech student at @delhi-college-of-engineering

ID 303930

Chiragh Dewan

Founder J.A.R.V.I.S

ID 183307

Sonam Aggarwal

Developer @sagoon-2. 4+ years of experience in PHP,javascript, AJAX & white-box testing. Specialist in open source development. BTech

ID 344094

Shobhit Rastogi

Founder Motrpart, BTech Computers, Passionate Entrepreneur, Car parts enthusiast, Enterprise / web / Internet opensource technologies, Java, J2EE developer

ID 387431

Anil Kumar Gupta

A management consultant can help in Innovation, Customer Experience Management, Competition Management, Strategic Management. Director of S/W company, Advisory Board member of a Real Estate company, Mentoring a startup for Monitoring services

ID 302526

Prashant Yadav

ID 123139

Manish Kumar

Co-founder @kohapp , Budding Entrepreneur , engineer , mobile apps , tifosi

ID 132119

Surendra Sheoran

Mobile Developer, Successfully submit 50+ iOS and android apps on market

ID 411111

Vivek Jaiswal

NIT durgapur,B-Tech,Information Technology

ID 361982

Anant Mittal

Freelancer, Consultant, Computer science engineer

ID 377017

Shashi Prakash

4th Year Undergraduate

ID 496143

Akif Khan

Nailed Google summer of code in 2nd year of College, A linux and FOSS enthusiast. Won Taiwan Excellence Smartest IT Challenge with cash prize of 30,000$ representing team India at Taiwan.

ID 191889

Siddhant Singh

I have been working in advertising for the past one year. I have worked in the mobile, web, print and electronic advertising .

ID 448881

Satyapal Sharma

IIIT Allahabad IT, Author of a blog(35K visitors a month), 6 month working experience as an intern, Founded a startup(not registered),

ID 260611

Aayush Kansal

I am passionate about my work. Strong techincal background , develop many website and software including CRM , online bidding site .

ID 181451

Tahseem Qureishi

Co-founder @infuscia • Studied at @niit-1, @kuvempu-university

ID 272388

Anil Singh


ID 345739

Unique Jain

Working in Samsung R&D

ID 429579

Hasan Alom

B.Tech Student at Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, India.

ID 147301

Abhinav Pandey

Worked at @spreeify

ID 354906

Gunpal Jain

Expert Windows Application developer, Successfully developed and launched 20+ applications.

ID 153939

Rahul Sainani

Co-Founder and CTO at WT InfoTech

ID 135917

Shanur Rhman

Worked at @hcl-technologies • Studied at @punjab-technical-university

ID 147773

Akshay Gupta

Co-founder eDakia, Entrepreneur, Web & Mobile Dev Worked at Startups @clearsenses, @sapna-infotech-solutions, @entrip, • BS Computer at @jamia-millia-islamia

ID 504459

Shalki Agarwal

Graduated from NIT-Surat and currently working in Samsung in Tizen Platform Group.

ID 162639

Sahil Malhan

Studied at @nit-jalandhar

ID 95230

Phaneendra Hegde

Software developer, Geek, Linux, Opensource, Startups, Digital Media, Online Advertising, Big data, Real time bidding, Chess, Coffee, Indian

ID 433836

umesh gupta

Developer at @preseed

ID 281983

Harshit Agarwal

Founder @shopperson-1

ID 238025


Worked at @preseed • Studied at @icfai-tech

ID 393111

Neeraj Kumar

Founder @flexus-solutions, @cherub-technology • Worked at @2020-social, @msl-group • Studied at @kurukshetra-university

ID 87140

Lokesh Lal

Has over 7 yrs of experience in software industry and worked with companies like MS and @accenture. He brings tremendous expertise and eye to make good products

ID 194301

Ritesh Chopra

Worked at @ibm-global-business-services • Studied at @thapar-institute-of-engineering-technology

ID 362284

Rajan Chaudhary

ID 473702

Reetesh ranjan

Pre final Year Student at IIT(BHU), Varanasi

ID 433580

Rahul Gaur

CSE Final year , Linux Geek , FOSS enthusiast

ID 233634

Ashish Rana

Creative Javascript CSS HTML developer focused on user-centric web experiences.

ID 309311

Anirudh Sethi

Working for CSC developing insurance based products on JSF,Springs. Working as an android developer with a startup.

ID 258700

Naman Goel

Doon School, Stephen's. Great at CSS, and getting awesome at Javascript. Used to PHP, moving to Node, picked a bit of RoR.can design pretty well, movie maker

ID 395426

Ashish Nautiyal

PhoneGap developer Noida With 1 Year experience

ID 456861

Gaurav Baheti

19 year old pursuing B.Tech CSE. Passionate about UI/UX design and development, and programming.

ID 429446

Piyush Mittal

Technical Architect @ Location Labs India

ID 388727

Amit Kumar Goldy

Worked at @university-of-pretoria-1, @tarnea-technology-solutions • Studied at @university-of-pretoria, @university-of-allahabad

ID 148012

Vaibhav Singh

Worked at @infosys, @zycus • Studied at @shanmuga-college-of-engineering-thanjavur

ID 59998

Adhityan K V

Innovative, motivated, dynamic and a passionate programmer. Seriously, trust me when i say: "I am nuts about programming and I am good". Period.

ID 470919

Tapan Ghia

Worked for a startup for 3 years. Full Stack Engineer. Building a product that runs the biggest news media house in India.

ID 425872

Gaurav Khatri

CS Graduate, Developed Computer Vision Software on Linux,

ID 335055

Ankit Aggarwal

Rich mix of Web development, business development and social media

ID 422600

Gaurav Ojha

Student at IIITM, Gwalior, looking for utlizing my skills and gaining work experience. Dynamic Individual, Punctual and Quick Learner

ID 465185

Rajat Gupta

Open-source Developer, IIT Bombay

ID 479498

Junaid Anwer

worked at a startup for 3 months as trainee

ID 272462

Santosh Reddy

Studying B.Tech-computer-science at IIT Ropar. Worked as a software developer intern at @thinkplaces .Passionate about building startups.

ID 146913

Mayank K Dadheech

Founder and CEO @thenewsid-com , Worked at @aricent-inc • Studied B.S. in Computer Science at @bit-mesra

ID 334858

puran singh


ID 334429

Shashwat Kumar Gautam

IT Engineer

ID 310461

Amit Gaur

AMIT KUMAR GAUR 2nd Year, M.Tech. (Embedded System Design) National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, Haryana, India Contact: +91 9802787742, +91 8802511450

ID 430013

Sourabh Shankar

Chief Technology Officer | Entrepreneur

ID 471963

Harneet Singh

Founded Motion Apps.Launched our first android application "Online Compiler". Studying at @guru-tegh-bahadur-institute-of-technology-rajouri-garden-delhi

ID 245392

Hariom Singh

Founder,Developer & Internet Entrepreneur ,Started a B2C NewPriceIndia , @clipintrust-2 (closed beta users) , Now @onboardily SAAS based talent management sol., in IT

ID 486668


Image processing, kinect app developer mainly using opensource technologies

ID 474844

Anil Kumar

Java Developer, Pursuing M.Tech CS

ID 505436

Rudra pratap

Studied at @northern-india-engineering-college-shastri-park-delhi

ID 395399

Seemant Kumar

Studied at @united-institute-of-management . @MCPD . @mcts . Expert in @e-commerce Domain

ID 419680

Mrityunjaya Pathak

A competent professional with Twenty Eight months experience in Project Development, Management and SDLC at HCL Technologies Limited.

ID 476775

Sameer Gupta

Full Stack Passionate and Highly Skilled Startup Material Software Engineer

ID 413441

Srivigneshwar R Prasad

Jack of all and master in JS and UX

ID 453057

Hitesh Khatri

B.Tech Computer Science student seeking for a job as a fresher in field of software development and marketing

ID 404754

Sandeep Singh

Founder CloudBooks

ID 502921


Worked in wipro on a live project

ID 404612

Abhishek kumar

Indian Institute Of Technolgy , Patna. Worked as Technolgy analyst in Infosys . IIT 2009 rank-4206 , AIEEE rank-1754

ID 405213

Rahul Roy

I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student and a wanna be Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 405614

Aditya Seth

ID 406097

Madhur Gupta

ID 412199

Navin Kumar

ID 483015

Vipinder Bagga

Completed 2 projects using PHP at a startup

ID 444132

Prashant Kumar

Worked at @stmicroelectronics • Futurist

ID 408390

Parul Malhotra

QA Tester worked for Royal Bank of Canada client for testing their banking and trading mobile/ipad apps.

ID 335601

Deepak Raj Kiran

A quick learner . Developed audio/video streaming through android mobiles . Work at AirGol. Full stack developer for web apps in java , python, php , mongodb , redis. A polyglot programmer.

ID 426483

Naveen Joshi

Founder @m4maths

ID 505569

Sumit Bindal

Worked at Adobe, Security Enthusiast

ID 405017

Ajay Gupta

launched more than 50 facebook apps

ID 421462

Leon Tim

I’m an ambitious web developer looking for a challenging new role in the IT industry with the opportunity to work with the latest technologies on challenging and diverse projects.

ID 421450

Mahak Gupta

LAMP Developer with interest in text analysis

ID 442653

Varun Agrawal

Student and a part time web developer

ID 392096

sanchit bhargava

Research intern at Sanfoundry; Software intern at Thinvent, Algorithm designer at Pragmatum, Program designer on IC's at Aptech

ID 388056

Akshay Manchanda

CCIE Voice Network Consultant at HCL Comnet (HCS TAC)

ID 456849

Shubham Srivastava

Code with passion

ID 393965

Abhi Gupta

ID 449624

Ravendra Kumar

Proficient in J2SE/J2EE JPA technology and Android app development, Good at Graphic designing, Experienced in Web Services, Good team Spirit.

ID 397995

Rahul Pal


ID 385702


IIITA IT, Fresher

ID 397736

Manoj Kumar Mishra

Linux/Windows System Administrator, 14years Experience in Web Hosting Industries

ID 459353

Priyanka Menghani

Web Development enthusiast

ID 448337

Rishab Sachdeva

Report Building ,ETL and Day to Day DBA Backup,Maintenance,Performance tunning task ,ad hoc database development tasks

ID 454290

Arunima Joshi graduate, Computer Science Major. Intern at Sysnet Global technologies, New Delhi.

ID 462242

Rajesh Nautiyal

Working in a Cisco Project

ID 460731

Arvind Kumar

Btech in Electronics and communication engg. from NIT Silchar.

ID 448871

Udit Jain

IIT Roorkee 2012 passed out, 1+ years of experience as a software developer.

ID 389606

Abheyraj Singh

App Developer based out of New Delhi. Comfortable with iOS, Android and HTML5 app development

ID 445464

Shivam Awasthi

Sr. Software Engineer Way2online

ID 468040

Saurabh Ariyan

CS major pre-final year, created an UAV for pest control,interested in ML/NLP/ AI looking for internships

ID 388175

Rahul Ranjan

ID 450664

Deepak Sharma

Full stack RoR developer and Project Manager

ID 477913

Yatendra Goel

Founder @inno-consulting • Worked at @onmobile-global-ltd!

ID 349688

Saurabh Nagpal

ID 486495

Amit Singh

Working on latest bluetooth low energy

ID 365873

Surabhi Tyagi

Computer Science and Engineering, worked on JAVA, TSRM

ID 345388

Yogesh Kumar

ID 474930

Amir Khan

B.Tech in Computer Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University (2013)

ID 470975

Saurabh Jain

(1) ISTQB Foundation Level : Certified Tester from International Software Testing Qualifications Board (2) Brainbench Certified Software Testing Professional

ID 366701

Deepesh Gairola

Mobile applications developer, Highly experienced in iOS Enterprise Mobile applications development

ID 475686

Tez Lopchan

PHP Developer, Fond of PHP language, Loves Open Source

ID 483507

Samarth Mathur

Fresh Graduate with interest in Networking, Operating Systems, and Linux based Development

ID 485303

Karan Thakral

ID 473835

Aditya Seth

Managing the Technical Team of Internet GMBH), a dynamic professional with 7+ years of experience in Opensource and Team Management.

ID 484151

Naveen Srivastava

Java fresher

ID 490228

Vijay Prakash

BIT CS || Design Android and Blackberry apps who's download more than 500k+ || working as Phone Warrior Ptv Ltd(A Product Development Based Start-Up).

ID 488502

Gaurav Singh

Currently i am final year Student.

ID 350125

Ashish Pokhriyal

Fresher,Inter disciplinary work experience with bacterial science

ID 469601

Shailendra singh

MTS, Silverline Design Inc. Embedded Product developer, IOT, M2M. Worked in Thinvent technologies Pvt ltd.

ID 478614

Piyush Ghai

ID 368669

Ankita Srivastava

ID 337936

Ashim Kapoor

Machine Learning enthusiast

ID 492558

Amit Jain

Entusiastic software developer working on Groovy & Grails for close to 5 years.

ID 318382

Rohit Singla

Developer at Sentieo, Worked at Estee Advisors(Hedge-fund), NetApp. IIT Delhi EE.

ID 318471

Satyan Mantan

Data Analytics, Data Modelling

ID 311720

Adhish Agarwal

Dual B.Tech-M.Tech in CS from JIIT, Noida. Possess comprehensive knowledge of algorithms, database & testing techniques. Love coding. Good command on C, C++, C#

ID 496182

Sumit Kushwaha

Computer Science & eng.

ID 491642

Anuvrat Parashar

CS Undergrad, Programmer, FOSS Enthusiast, Linux Geek

ID 319058


Developed simple media player in .net.

ID 506889

Siddarth Jain

B.Tech (EE) at IIT Delhi.

ID 336654

Ranvir Singh

PetLip is the largest Social Network with over a 10 million active users!

ID 312818

sumeet bhadana

Ruby on Rails ,Developer,Actively seeking job opportunities as a ruby on rails developer

ID 301216

Shakti Rathore

AIT delhi india, btech computer science fresher, looking for start up my carrier as a software developer.

ID 502237

Mohd Danish

Full Stack Engineer

ID 328378


3.5+ yrs of experience in software development. Successfully delivered web and mobile based applications.

ID 491633

Praveen Kumar

ID 330682

Piyush Madan

Full-stack Web Developer; Handles AWS; Working for e-Medical Record System; Worked as Google Summer of Code Dev

ID 505694

Anushank Lal

ID 500857

Nishant Arora

Tech, Music & Automotive Enthusiast

ID 503663

Krishna Bahadur

.NET MVC, JQuery, Knockout+Angular Js, CMS & Shopping Carts, OpenSource, Python, DJango, Cost Effective IT Solutions | Killer Product Designs

ID 81177

Anubhav Agarwal

B.Tech IIIrd Year IITR Student Worked as an Intern in a startup, Mygola Qualified @google Code Jam

ID 97835

Bhaskar Chattoraj

Consultant Problem Solver

ID 224617

Ashish Sharma

Product Designer , Programmer

ID 280490

Shashank Rajput

ID 86044

Ankit Madhok

ID 279782

Rajat Arora

Javascript developer,Application development for various platform,Btech Cse

ID 95192

Gaurav Dhyani

business manager Mcdonalds india, 5 years of experience in new restaurant opening and developing managers and business

ID 184861

Anirudha Dubey

Studied at @shri-chitragupt-college-mainpuri

ID 82978

Saurabh Jain

MBA Fin. from International Management Institute, Delhi. Been an entrepreneur since childhood, started with stamps, coins & postcards, have dabbled in varied fields.

ID 295805

Sagar Virmani

Specialize in Web Designing & Development -HTML CSS. Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Wordpress, Joomla Final year student in electronics and Communication Engineering

ID 286193


ID 284743

Saurabh Gupta

ID 249315

Gurteshwar Singh

Technology entrepreneur, Founder of a startup (now failed) Backend and devops guy.

ID 133397

Pulkit Mittal

Developer at Kvantum Inc.; skilled in Java, Javascript, jQuery, UI/UX.

ID 208696

Sharninder Khera

QA Automation At Veritas/Symantec, VMware. Built a VMware based private/public cloud product at Gale Technologies.

ID 216255

Arindam Chakraborty

Coder, Death Metal fan, Co-founder at @getechoed,

ID 292822

gautham govind

Two IDF's on Antispam & Phishing, 1 paper on Social network gaming & another on Smartgrid security. Currently SME for Smartgrid & smartgrid security. Ping me.

ID 301733

Anjali Verma

Competent programmer

ID 88970

Vikas Dhar

Android Developer; Worked at many start-ups; B.Tech in Information Technology

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