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ID 166579

Raveesh Bhalla

Fan of all things simple, loves the challenge of improving any given user interface, then building it out

ID 228311

Vikash Agrawal

HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Python, Responsive web design, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012, under Mozilla MDN, FOSS!

ID 137058

Omar Siddiqui

Founder, CEO at grabHalo a messaging app that lets you see and message people all over the world

ID 471615

Ranjeet singh

Founder Spacenab, @ucanrentbooks-com • Worked at @tata-consulting-services-tcs • Studied at @hindu-college

ID 98635


Entrepreneur, McKinsey drop-out, Loyalty & CRM expert, SAAS & Marketing junkie

ID 89486

Josh Israel

Co-Founder of Thrill. Hustler. Designer. School of Hard Knocks Grad. Start Engine Accelerator Q2 Grad. Moved to India to be part of a cultural change.

ID 108041

Arun Jay

Principal Designer @slideshare • Mountain Biker • Urban Cyclist • Pop-art, Graffiti Zealot • Bearded Rebel • @aahsome

ID 49806

Raj K Arora

Founder @athlatinum, @sponsorlytics • Studied at @northeastern-university, @WIT. Tech Intensive, Commonsensical Product Development Expertise.

ID 101409

Nishchal Kesarwani

Founder @preseed • Studied at @university-of-delhi

ID 211060

Zalak Upadhyay

Freelance UX/UI Designer

ID 103426

Dheeraj Anand

Founder at Greymeter, IgnitedV; @web-design, @social-media-marketing-1; Studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

ID 284384

Owais Lone

ID 82670

Ankit Gupta

Co-founded innovese. Computer Science Engineer, BITS Pilani

ID 313253

Saurabh Mathur

Co-Founder/CEO at Motorpaneer. Ex @slideshare, @webchutney. Previously founded Noobjob Interactive and Co-founded Hash Include

ID 75910

Arun Pattnaik

Solving UX problems for product startups. @oravel, @slideshare, @zeebo Inc, @startup-school, InstaPress, Globals Inc., Bidray & more.

ID 237985

Chiragh Kirpalani

Head of Mobile @times-internet • Founded @gawbl (acquired by Times Internet) • Worked at @fab-com

ID 94908


Founder of @targeter-app. Designer. Worked at 2 startups (Wingify, Xeonext). Previously started an unsuccessful ecommerce biz.

ID 20014

Nav Chatterji

Designer, Entrepreneur.

ID 146851


CEO of Kinesis. Front End developer & User Interface designer. Hacking from 5yrs with Bachelors in Computers.

ID 42729

Crystal C. Yan (严晨)

Designer + Business Development. @amherst-college College '14.

ID 81988

Aditya Mukherjee

The reason why we can't have good things. Co-founder, lead designer and resident good looking guy at @atticous.

ID 446140

Prekshi Gupta

Worked at @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch, @glaxosmithkline-consumer-healthcare • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @indira-gandhi-institute-of-technology

ID 355962

Aniket Handa

HCI student at U of Washington. Strong Computer Science fundamentals (Masters, Bachelors in CS). Researched on new methods to create 3D models using NUI

ID 98475

Balaji Ashok

UX/UI Designer; Front-end web application developer; Young India Fellow

ID 115571

Nalin Savara

Entrepreneur 1.2 million installs on @nokia Store; Apps on @apple (itunes) Appstore; Samsung Appstore,Android @nokia Calling All Innovators Contest,2011,Winner

ID 446162

Raunaq Gupta

Carnegie Mellon - MHCI, Interaction Design, Web Stack Generalist, Co-Founder of

ID 382094

Abhishek Singh


Director of Product @coursebirdie. MSc Management @edinburgh. @stanford. Worked at @dell-computer. BE in Information Technology.

ID 505697

Naren Katakam

Mech Engr, Marketing and Brand Strategist, UI/UX Consultant, Entrepreneur. Worked @microsoft. Founder @brandkatalyst

ID 468856

Javed Anwar

Lead User Interface Designer (Mobile/Web) having more than 7 years of experience. Love challenges. Worked with 3 startups in India : Nimbuzz, Osscube, Mobikwik.

ID 24233

Uttiya Bhattacharya

Visual Design services for web & mobile. Architect by day. Dabbler in the Dark Arts by night. More at

ID 164297

Jacob Jay

Founder and developer of @moonstalk (webapp framework), Moonlighting (Delhi startup mansion); previously PictureSync, Pixelpipe; ex. marcomms in London.

ID 93473

Mohsin Veerani

Chief Executive Officer at @basign, Inc. Energy Efficient LED, Solar & Wind OEM

ID 291226

Sai Teja Reddy

Graduate from IIT Delhi; Passionate programmer; Web Development freak;

ID 347242

Ningning Niumai

Founder Greymeter. B.Tech at IIT Delhi. Freelancer at Designed and developed over 50 websites single handedly over the past 5 years.

ID 313845

Sudeep Sharma

Designer at, B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur (2011)

ID 208366

Harshit Malhotra

I was born artist, and with same hands on my compoo (PC), I can code my imagination. My favorite language is a variable. I love iterative programming.

ID 314235

Deepak Aggarwal

Full stack developer, Mobile Apps

ID 495165

Ashish Kumar

Founder @neighbourhood-watch • Studied at @netaji-subhas-institute-of-technology

ID 121685

Anudeep Gupta

CEO and Founder of Ekayan, 1st startup, Strong problem solving skills and Product Vision, B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

ID 362490

Amit Gupta

Android Application Developer

ID 273190

Anuj Arora

Founder, CTO @skybulls

ID 218087


Director @early-stage-startup • Founded @opkar • Worked at @sap • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 167067

Mohit Singh

Computer Science B.Tech student at @delhi-college-of-engineering

ID 202741

Abhishek Biswal

Web Developer / Designer / Creator / Doer

ID 383939


I believe a person deserves atleast a chance to be heard, the rest is his passion and work that speaks.

ID 4294

Arun Gupta

UI designer & Developer with over 10 years of experience

ID 85954

supratim chakraborty

Owner at @techturning,Indian Technolgy writer at @techturning.I am a developer and designer at heart.

ID 456302

Vibhas Jain

UI/UX Fanatic & day dreamer. Dropped out of Stanford U (Mech Eng) and Indian Institute of Management (MBA) to pursue design.

ID 260611

Aayush Kansal

I am passionate about my work. Strong techincal background , develop many website and software including CRM , online bidding site .

ID 135917

Shanur Rhman

Worked at @hcl-technologies • Studied at @punjab-technical-university

ID 265143

Saroj K Mishra

ID 275893

Ashish Dhar

Business Development

ID 450703

Jayesh Lata

Worked at @linkmysport • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 433637

Utkarsh Ankit Pratap Singh

Studies at @national-institute-of-fashion-technology

ID 283467

Ravi Saxena

ID 130176

Deepak Kumar Arora

I have a approx 4 years experience as a UI/UX Expert. ******Designing is my Passion. Creativity is my Output. Quality is my Product.******

ID 169945

Jatin Shridhar

CS undergrad

ID 125421

Bharani Muthukumaraswamy

Founder, designer and developer at @resumonk

ID 456861

Gaurav Baheti

19 year old pursuing B.Tech CSE. Passionate about UI/UX design and development, and programming.

ID 287754

Piyush Gupta

Co-founder Surgerica. Tech, NIT Duragpur

ID 450990

Akshit Rungta

Founder Bowstring Studio • Studied at @university-of-newcastle-upon-tyne • Active biker and skydiver

ID 233634

Ashish Rana

Creative Javascript CSS HTML developer focused on user-centric web experiences.

ID 168576

Nirbhay Agarwal

Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-roorkee

ID 447177

Atul Jha

ID 448837

Anand Chowdhary

Design Executive at MINET, ex-intern at Global School of Media Crafting, Designer, Developer, Writer.

ID 310461

Amit Gaur

AMIT KUMAR GAUR 2nd Year, M.Tech. (Embedded System Design) National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, Haryana, India Contact: +91 9802787742, +91 8802511450

ID 450664

Deepak Sharma

Full stack RoR developer and Project Manager

ID 391806

Raj Roy

Works @preseed Background in Event/ Tech Management and Construction. Doubles as a Designer in Daylight.

ID 413441

Srivigneshwar R Prasad

Jack of all and master in JS and UX

ID 388175

Rahul Ranjan

ID 81771

Anuj iAnuj

I make things, wsites, apps, tea.

ID 334858

puran singh


ID 189847

Rakesh Tripathi

ID 487514

Amit Saxena

Web Designer with over 6 years of extensive experience in web development and design.

ID 449624

Ravendra Kumar

Proficient in J2SE/J2EE JPA technology and Android app development, Good at Graphic designing, Experienced in Web Services, Good team Spirit.

ID 298478

Arunesh Moudgil

Imagineer at @collisionable

ID 275584

Deepesh Sharma

Digital Media Specialist | Video Editing | Post Production | Online Marketing | Video Marketing | Social Media Marketing

ID 334429

Shashwat Kumar Gautam

IT Engineer

ID 238025


Worked at @preseed • Studied at @icfai-tech

ID 393111

Neeraj Kumar

Founder @flexus-solutions, @cherub-technology • Worked at @2020-social, @msl-group • Studied at @kurukshetra-university

ID 448148

Akshat Srivastava

Founder, edClef

ID 258700

Naman Goel

Doon School, Stephen's. Great at CSS, and getting awesome at Javascript. Used to PHP, moving to Node, picked a bit of RoR.can design pretty well, movie maker

ID 444384

Gaurav Joshi

ID 250225

Akshay Dua

Co-founder Eventasy

ID 82978

Saurabh Jain

MBA Fin. from International Management Institute, Delhi. Been an entrepreneur since childhood, started with stamps, coins & postcards, have dabbled in varied fields.

ID 266689


Design Enthusiast

ID 455976

Pradyumna Madhav

ID 372069

Bornalmost Bornalmost

Was self employed in various trades like Print Media, Offset printing, Visualizing Graphic designing and Plastic Ind. Injection Moulding machines.

ID 321123

Kasturi Meshram

A Musician, A Bandster, Love to rock. But mostly fascinated by the Startup World, and would love to create something like spotify

ID 157141

Himanshu Gupta

ID 97835

Bhaskar Chattoraj

Consultant Problem Solver

ID 334073

Sonu Gupta

Front End Developer.

ID 509914

Aditya Pratap Singh

Founder @dristo • Studied at @jaypee-institute-of-information-technology

ID 183308

Arpit Mishra

Worked at @nextgen-infotech

ID 133397

Pulkit Mittal

Developer at Kvantum Inc.; skilled in Java, Javascript, jQuery, UI/UX.

ID 311720

Adhish Agarwal

Dual B.Tech-M.Tech in CS from JIIT, Noida. Possess comprehensive knowledge of algorithms, database & testing techniques. Love coding. Good command on C, C++, C#

ID 358803

Nidhi Bhargava

Looking for challenging opportunities and be a part of high energy work project with lot of learning and innovation.

ID 468040

Saurabh Ariyan

CS major pre-final year, created an UAV for pest control,interested in ML/NLP/ AI looking for internships

ID 86044

Ankit Madhok

ID 503663

Krishna Bahadur

.NET MVC, JQuery, Knockout+Angular Js, CMS & Shopping Carts, OpenSource, Python, DJango, Cost Effective IT Solutions | Killer Product Designs

ID 382274

Nittn Warshne

Owner of a Decor supply business and founder of website

ID 484082

Sumit Mehta

Web & Ui Designer

ID 177310

Naveen Prakash

FET RBS College, B.Tech CSE

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